Dementia Caregiver: With You. For You. About You.

Inspirational Messages of Support for Dementia Family Caregivers Everywhere

When someone you care about is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, the future can seem daunting. Stress can take over and expand into your personal life, relationships, work, and family life.

Packed full of inspirational images and messages, this book offers a touching and refreshing approach to providing dementia care at home; allowing you to connect with an experienced caregiver, and join the author for an enriching, deep journey of motivation and empowerment.

Inside this book, you will be inspired to:

  • Nurture the positive aspects of the caregiving role
  • Grow into your role in a holistic way
  • Overcome different challenges by remaining as one
  • Open up to new ways of doing things and alternative ways of thinking
  • Discover insightful positive information about dementia
  • Discover insightful positive information about dementia

Inspiration, motivation, reflection, recognition and connection – this book will make you connect with yourself and the author Its goal is to provide insights into doing things in a different way, thereby allowing carers to succeed in times of change.