101 Tips on Staying Safe at Home with Dementia:

Avoid Falls, Floods, Injuries, Accidents, Doorstep Crime & More …

Dementia affects memory, judgment and keeping track of things. It can also turn your own home into a dangerous place to live.

However, there are simple modifications that can be done to make the home environment safer and help provide a better quality of life while living with dementia?

“101 Tips on Staying Safe at Home with Dementia” is a comprehensive go-to guide for enhancing personal safety and security and making the home safer to live in.

With clear information for all readers and straightforward descriptions, this book offers a fast and easy way to help people with dementia to manage their daily lives better and stay safe at home, whether through simple DIY modifications, assistive technology or research-backed strategies.

There are many unanswered questions regarding safety within the living environment for most people with dementia. This book helps answer them.

Whether your goal is to protect a family member at home from accidents, make the home safe, or you simply need to find a way to use basic household appliances safely, this book is written to empower you with deep and insightful information.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover within the pages of this book:

  • How to make the house as safe and secure as possible, both internally and externally
  • How to create an environment that offers the opportunity to build on ability rather than on restriction
  • Proven strategies to promote safer walking, and help prevent wandering off and getting lost
  • How to use assistive technology to live safely and well at home
  • How to put adequate measures in place to ensure your personal safety and help stop doorstep crime
    And much more…

The goal of this practical book is to promote a more effective way of addressing safety and security for people with dementia who live at home.