Hi, I'm Catherine Verner.

I supported my mother who had combined Alzheimer’s Disease/ Vascular dementia to live in her own home for over a decade until she sadly passed away peacefully at home in 2020.

I have a Master’s degree in Dementia Studies, further enhancing my practical know-how with information on the latest theories, innovative approaches and research.

How can I help you?

By sharing information here, I hope to help families living at home with dementia to:

  • move forward positively
  • make choices that are correct for them, confident in the decisions they make
  • help family caregivers feel more capable in the care they provide
  • offer support, knowledge, inspiration and empowerment

Most of all, I hope to provide a means of putting these concepts into practice in day to day life. The articles I write come from many hours of reading and research. I seek out information on the latest innovations, insights, care practice, and research.

I don’t claim to have all of the answers and I strive to learn more but my aim is to share information and knowledge that I have gained so far, both as an experienced family caregiver at home, graduate in dementia studies, and avid reader and researcher on the topic.

About Me

My work is fuelled by a passion to help other family caregivers in a situation that I found myself in many years ago when my mother was first diagnosed. I hope to challenge the negative stigma surrounding dementia. I possess a dogged ongoing wish to inform and empower people with dementia and family caregivers living at home.

I am in the process of using my knowledge of cutting edge theory, innovative approaches to care, and research to write books in my informative “Dementia Care at Home” series, aimed at supporting families living at home in the community.

You can check out some of my articles here or check out my books here.

Freelance Services

Author, Researcher, Article Writer, Blogger, Advisor – Freelance.

Available for short- and-medium-term Dementia – Related contract work.

Simple and Friendly Pricing Structure.

Emai me at cath@clickdementia.com for more details.


Dementia Care at Home Book Series

Find out more about living and caring well at home by clicking on the links below.

101 Tips on Staying Safe at Home with Dementia

101 Tips on Staying Safe at Home with Dementia:

Avoid Falls, Floods, Injuries, Accidents, Doorstep Crime and More ....

Dementia Care at Home, book 1.

Dementia Caregiver: Inspirational Messages of Support for Family Caregivers Everywhere

Dementia Caregiver

Dementia Caregiver: Inspirational Messages of Support for Family Caregivers Everywhere.

Dementia Care at Home, book 2.

Dementia and The Live Ahead

Dementia and the Life Ahead

A thoroughly practical guide on living with dementia: diagnosis, symptoms, stages, what to expect, caregiving, and paving the way to live with dignity and grace.

 Dementia Care at Home Series, Book 3.